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Peaceful Outlaws Logo #2 Wolf looking at its pack Colorized.


11 years in the making, a musical journey of growth, self-discovery, and wild adventure. 

Richard the guitarist is looking in the removed window from outside at Danielle the Harmonica player through the desert ruin wall.


10 years ago in the Appalachian Mountain Range of Pennsylvania, a
wonderful friendship was developed that has lasted the test of time.
Spanning from our genuine love for all types of music, we offer an eclectic
mix ranging from traditional songs to modern hit pop songs with an
old-timey twist. A wide variety of originals and covers for any mood and
any taste.

In our art, we have found our place in society, in our local community,
and beyond. We love reaching out to our listeners and connecting with
them wherever they may be. So much love from the listeners, that is why we
choose to do what we do.

Crafting each setlist to properly fit the venue and crowd niche
correctly wherever we are playing. The theme of a majority of our work is
taking a step back in time to where acoustic music was the most prevalent
form of artistry and the human voice in harmony becomes an instrument
all of its own. Resurrecting music from a bygone era and blending it with
today’s hits is a passion of ours.

Dani Lynn Fury plays her harmonica in Peaceful Outlaws performance with a custom vintage Harmonica microphone

Dani Lynn Fury 

Harmonica Player


Peaceful Outlaws

Richard L. Strock

Guitar Player


Berklee College of Music Sudent 

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